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Laser Treatment For Foot Pain Becomes Available To The Public

In the past, if you had asked your podiatrist about laser treatment for your foot pain they would have known what you were talking about, but would have been unable to offer you treatment themselves. Until fairly recently, it was only really performance athletes that were offered laser treatment for foot pain. As the price of this specialized equipment has fallen more and more, podiatrists’ clinics are buying lasers and using them to treat the foot pain of ordinary people.It is still early days, but you can get laser treatment for foot pain in Plano and other cities.

What type of foot conditions can be treated using lasers?

Perhaps the most common foot condition that is treated using lasers is fungal nail conditions. Lasers work on virtually any kind of foot fungus. Treatment is quick and there is an 80% success rate with this kind of treatment.

The pain caused by bunions can also be alleviated with surgery. Some surgeons are experimenting with using lasers to make the incision for the surgery. However, because bone is involved, the surgery is still performed with normal surgical tools rather than lasers.

Lasers are also being used to treat plantar fasciitis, which affects the soft tissue under the foot, in particular the heel area. There are also experimental laser treatments for neuromas, which are particularly painful and debilitating when found in the foot area. Your podiatrist may not offer all of these treatments yet, but they will be able to put you in touch with others that do.