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Workout Plan: Taking Advantage Of Dumbbells

Dumbbells are kind of workout equipment that has been largely used for weight training. Such drill is a common type of exercise majorly focusing on the development of power and proportions of the muscles. Since time immemorial, weight training has been included in most popular workout plans for men. Meanwhile, weightlifting beginners most often took preference of using dumbbell sets in their fitness routine. Training with such gym equipment will guarantee numerous lists of advantages that are identified in two parts containing practical and physiological advantages to be claimed by the tool users upon their selection from the wide-ranging exercises which are compatible for dumbbells. Also, this equipment varies in several classifications and is also ideal for body building, and other related trainings while encompassing the aspects of sports, weight, and endurance. Good news is, there are many adjustable dumbbell types to choose from that will surely meet the needs of fitness enthusiast.

Meanwhile, considering the fact that this particular type of gym tool is generally composed of heavy metals, the official range of weight that dumbbells can incorporate are amounting from 5 even up to more than 100 pounds and is enough for potentially causing related injuries towards dumbbell users. Thus, gathering and ensuring a verified safety guidelines extracted from the experts’ opinions and other researches is advisable so to avoid being subjected with such misfortunes.

Provided that proper condition of all gym users’ bodies plays an important role for claiming success while accomplishing such fitness goals, prioritizing to choose the right exercise machines or gym equipment is necessary.  This has been evident to wisely prevent occurrence of any harm which encompasses the prospect of being subjected to impending injuries. Thus, putting into consideration the aspect of body type in choosing for the right one is strategically good. And so to further explicate the matter, below is an overview of some major necessary factors to consider before owning the right free weight equipment in accordance to certain fitness enthusiasts’ body type.

As mentioned above, choosing the right one for your body type and needs is a must. There are three classifications of the body that demands different considerations towards fitness activities including dumbbells routine. These are the ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs also known as “somatotypes”.

The ectomorphs are characterized mainly for having a thin, narrow body, chest, hips and shoulders contrasting the physical traits seen among endomorphs. This type of body should be utilizing heavier weights at lower reps (5-10). It will promote the stimulation of growth among the muscles. Comparably, the mesomorphs are observed to have a masculine body featuring a full chest, long torso, narrow waist and broad shoulders. Thus, they uphold the ability to adapt rapidly to conditioning; mesomorphs can endure high intensity workouts, repetitions, sets, weight amounts and also with minimal rest periods. Lastly, the endomorphs are described to be basically round, or a pear-like shape because of their wide hips and narrow shoulders. They are recommended to use moderate weight and higher reps (specifically a 9-12 for the upper body and a 12-25 for the lower body). According to researches, they should also perform high intensity exercises with minimal rest periods.

On the other hand, the morphology of the body in accordance to weight lifting is unquestionably important. However, lifting weights the right way should be prioritized to maintain injury-free training programs and workout plans for men that mainly target the development of an individual’s strength. It can be completed by performing some appropriate actions which encompasses: warm up sessions, proper proportioning of the body during the workout, apt breathing pattern, and also by exerting a full range of motion. In the end, paying attention through focusing on the exercise’s main goal should not be neglected by any gym user.