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What are the Causes and Treatment of Hearing Loss?

The hearing loss is a disability of hidden type or nature. Unlike other disabilities it fails to get the financial and political support which other forms of disabilities receive. If one looks carefully he or she will realize that the Hearing Loss is the top most disability present around the world and the biggest birth defect found in the infants or kids.

Causes of Hearing Loss

A person can have hearing loss right from birth time or may have developed it due to sudden mishap or accident. Proper medical examination and treatment is required in order to get rid of the hidden hearing loss. The hearing loss extent varies from one person to another, and the medical support for it needs to be given as per the condition of the patient.

Role of ENT Specialist In Hearing Loss Treatment

In order to install the most appropriate hearing device the ENT expert needs to check out the most apt hearing device. The ENT specialist first of all identify the cause of hearing loss and then provide the medical treatment or medical equipments for the hearing loss.

Various hearing tools and treatments for hearing loss are given below

About Hearing Loss Tools

Blind and handicapped persons receive more support in order to overcome their form of disability as compared with persons having hearing loss related disability. There is ray of hope for those persons who have Hidden Hearing problem as many new solutions for the hearing loss are present in the market. There are battery operated hearing tools available for the ease and comfort of person having hearing loss problem. These tools are worn outside the ear and are not noticeable to the naked eyes.

There are different hearing aid equipments available in the market. The communally used hearing equipment consists of receiver, processor and microphone. Mostly these three devices are used in the hearing aid tools or equipments in order to enhance the listening power of the deaf person.

CIC Tool

The CIC also known as completely in Canal equipments, it is basically small in size and is placed in the ear canal of the deaf person.

 ITC Tool

The ITC equipments or in the canal hearing equipments are put up in the lower portion of the ear and it is of medium size. The ITC hearing aid is easier to insert and easier to remove from the ear and its battery is of longer shelf life.

ITE Tool

Then there is the ITE or in the ear tool, it is fitted on the outer ear of the deaf person. The ITE is bigger in size and has bigger battery powering it. The bigger size of the ITE enables it to have larger receiver for the ease of the person using it. There are also many other types of hearing equipments available for the person having hearing problem.

Advanced Medical Treatment

There is advanced medical treatment available for re-growing interior ear cells in order to make the deaf person get rid of hearing loss related complication. In modern times a deaf person can overcome the hearing disability or Hidden Hearing loss with advanced medical equipment and treatment.