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Top 5 Yoga Workouts For 2016

Yoga is one of the best methods to free the human beings from various problems and also maintain the health without putting any adverse effects. It poses help in improving flexibility, building muscles and preventing any injury.

Following top five Yoga Workouts may be tried by the people during the current year, i.e. 2016. They can benefit from the Fanatics Discounts also:

Cat Cow Pose – The major benefits associated with this pose are relief from tension in the upper physique. It is useful in stretching the torso, back and neck. 

Those interested to perform it are advised to come onto their hands and knees. The hands should be kept directly below the shoulders and the knees must be placed directly below the hips. The performers must roll the spine forward to arch the back and get engaged inhaling for lengthening the spine.

Triangle Pose – This particular yoga pose is aimed at getting relief from stress and improve one’s digestive system. It helps in stretching the chest, groins, hips and shoulders. The thighs, knees and ankles etc are strengthened with this yoga pose. 

People aspirant to do this pose may stand with their feet wider and turn their right foot out ninety degrees. The center of the right knee cap should come in line with the center of the right ankle. The back toe should be placed at a forty five degree angle. The arms should be raised to the side. A deep breath should be taken and exhaled by shifting the left hip back, followed by folding it over at the right hip. The head must be kept in a neutral position. Persons doing this yoga pose must release, inhale and press firmly through the left heel while lifting the torso. The arms should be lowered and the same process may be repeated.

Chair Pose – This yoga pose is useful in strengthening the ankles, calves and thighs. It helps in reducing flat feet and stretching the chest & shoulders. 

One should stand with his or feet shoulder-width apart. The arms should be raised straight out from the shoulders while inhaling. The hips should be pushed back and the knees may be bent as one is sitting in a chair. The abs must be kept drawn in tight. This position may be held for five deep breaths.

Eagle Pose – Those doing this yoga pose are benefited by improving concentration and balance. The calves and the ankles are also strengthened with this yoga pose. The performers are able to stretch the thighs, upper back and the shoulders.

Persons intending to perform this yoga pose should strand with their feet hip-width apart by hugging the left knee into the chest. The right knee may be bent and left leg may be crossed around the right leg. The left arm must be wrapped under the right arm. One should sit down for a maximum period. Five long deep breaths may be taken and the process may be repeated on the other side.

Downward Dog – This yoga pose is aimed at strengthening the legs and arms apart from relieving insomnia, fatigue and headaches. Other benefits are stretching of calves, hamstrings and shoulders.

Those thinking to do this yoga pose may come onto their hands and knees with hands directly below the shoulders. The knees may be kept directly below the hips. The fingers may be spread wide. The heels may be drawn down to the floor. The hands may be pressed firmly into the mat. The head may be kept between the arms followed by five deep breaths.

All yoga poses including the above are beneficial in many ways. Interested persons may avail the Fanatics Discounts too.