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The Different Components Of A Fish Cake

Fish cakes are some of the most popular food items from around the world. There are many different kinds of fish cake that can be found in just about every cuisine around the world. In many parts of China, fish cakes are made from a paste of ground fish. This paste of ground fish is usually known as surimi. Surimi is actually more popular than many people realise, though. It’s often sold in the UK as imitation crab, crab sticks, or ocean sticks. This is the most common way Westerners interact with surimi. Surimi is common in other kinds of imitation seafood purposes, and is known as seafood extender as well. Typically, in these applications, it is largely flavourless so it can be added to other seafood and flavoured to match. In other cuisines, it is known as kamaboko. Kamaboko can refer to the paste itself or the product made from the paste, just as surimi does.

The Fish Itself

Typically, a common fish is used to make fish cakes. The fish is usually one that is lower in cost, because it will be ground up and combined with many different flavours. Depending on where in the world you might be, you could find fish cakes made from albacore, abalone, salmon, or many other kinds of fish. Typically, it is made from a white fish, though. The fish is then ground and spices are added.

The Binders

The cake is held together with a binder that differs in different kinds of cakes. For some cakes, the binder isn’t even necessary. Other cakes are held together with eggs or egg whites. Breadcrumbs are also added to many kinds of cake to hold them together. Once cakes are formed, they’re often coated in flour or cornstarch to create a breading.

The Cooking Process

The freshly made fish cake in your noodles was likely fried quickly. A quick frying process helps create a flavourful and moist cake. The frying process is one that’s often misunderstood. Frying works because oil and water do not mix. When the oil is heated to well above the boiling point of water, putting food in it superheats the water and forces the water out. When the oil is at a sufficient temperature, it doesn’t seep into the food and make it greasy. Typically, fried food is greasy when it is not cooked at the right temperature.


That’s why it’s so important to buy quality fish cakes. A good quality fish cake not only tastes better, but it’s also healthier for you. A well-fried cake also has a good crispy texture on the outside while staying moist on the inside. You get a great mixture of textures when you bite into a well-made fish cake.

Where to Find One

Finding well-made fish cakes usually requires buying them online. The Internet is your most reliable and most convenient source for quality fish cakes in the East Asian cuisine tradition. They are not the most common elements of cuisine, so you have to do a little bit of searching to find a source. Once you find someone who makes fish cakes properly, you should jump on it.