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Staying Healthy During Pregnancy: Benefits Of Joining A Community

Pregnancy is often a worrying time; joyous and magical too, of course (ahem), but also a little scary. Unless you’ve already been through the process, it can seem like stepping into the great unknown. And even if you’ve had children before, each pregnancy can bring its own unique challenges and experiences.

New mothers have so many questions. Am I eating the right foods? Should I keep doing this? Stop doing that? Of course, there are many books out there; all offering their respective opinions on matters such as diet and exercise. Whilst the information they provide can be greatly beneficial, it can sometimes also be contradictory.

Wouldn’t it just be nice to talk with other expectant mothers, and mothers who have already been there, done that and bought the t-shirt? This is why it’s so useful to join a community during your pregnancy; you can speak personally and connect with others, something which the greatest pregnancy book in the world couldn’t provide.

Health Matters

Staying fit and healthy during pregnancy is important. But with so many old wives tales and myths about pregnancy in circulation, it can be hard to know the right course of action. For example, did you know you only need to eat an extra300 calories per day if you’re pregnant? The old ‘eating for two’ adage simply isn’t true and will only lead to unnecessary weight gain. Finding out this kind of information from health communities can really make all the difference to your pregnancy experience.

Online or Off?

Both kinds are beneficial. It’s great to meet up with other new mothers in person; ‘real life’ groups often include visits from midwives, nurses and health professionals, offering you face to face support and feedback. But if you live in an isolated area or find it hard to travel, online communities can also offer a vital link to information and other people.

Although sometimes the wealth of information available to new mothers can seem overwhelming, communities offer that much needed reassurance that if you’re generally keeping fit and healthy, you’re probably doing everything right. Each woman will find that different things work for her, as all of our bodies are slightly different. Pregnancy can prove an emotional time for many, but having that friendly reassurance, from people who have been through the same trials and tribulations as you, can make that journey seem much easier.