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Sober Living After Rehab

Many people who came out of rehab cannot claim that they are totally ready to live a sober life outside the facility. The truth is, many addicts, regardless of the addiction still need an ongoing support that will help them abstain from addictive substances and avoid relapse. It is true that a treatment program in an outpatient or inpatient treatment facility is an essential part of the recovery process. However, the first few weeks after you finished you completed the program is a critical phase that requires fervent aftercare which is best carried out in a sober living facility.

Aftercare meaning

Aftercare is designed to provide an ongoing counseling for patients who –

In most cases, an aftercare immediately follows treatment. It is based on a plan specifically tailored for an individual. A good treatment facility will ask its clients to write goals for recovery and an action plan during the treatment phase to prepare for aftercare. Counselors also encourage clients to set life goals that include plans on living a sober and clean life.

The following are some of the activities in an aftercare program:

      1. Group support
      2. Interactive process
      3. Practical instruction

Meeting and sessions are scheduled at your convenient times to promote attendance. For more information on sober living after rehab and aftercare activities please as your trusted counselor or consult the nearest sober living facility in your area.