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Why Are Non-Laser Treatments Better For Thread Veins?

Sclerotherapy is a popularly used method for removing thread veins. Without gainsaying, it has been around for some time and kept improving with technology. It involves injecting a sclerosant into the affected veins which makes them to scar and close. Blood is re-routed to the healthy veins and the treated veins are later reabsorbed into the body.There are basically two types of sclerosants namely, polidocanol and sodium tetradecyl sulfate. Thread veins usually appear due to the combination of several factors such as genetics, smoking, hormonal changes in women and obesity. Let’s take a look at the top benefits of eliminating thread veins with non-laser treatments. 

They have a high success rate

Other treatments like natural remedies or salon treatments usually take time before you will start seeing visible results. Most people prefer sclerotherapy because it offers better and long lasting solutions. A significant percentage of patients are often satisfied with the results. In addition, it minimizes the symptoms of thread veins and helps to improve the skin complexion. Unlike laser treatments, non-laser treatment is a great choice for all skin colors.

The procedure is safe

Each medical procedure has its own peculiar risks. In view of this, endeavor to weigh your options carefully before undergoing any treatment. The side effects of sclerotherapy are minimal and normally disappear quickly on their own. Complications are really rare as long as you visit a certified clinic. The treatments at Dr Newmans Clinic is always carried out in a sterile environment. This guarantees a low risk of getting an infection during or after the procedure.

Non-laser treatments are gentle

When treated by specialists, patients normally experience little or no pain. Non-laser treatment is the best choice for the elderly and those that are scared of the surgical method of removing thread veins. The process is similar to a regular injection and it’s over within few minutes. Another benefit is that the non-invasive treatments doesn’t require either local or general anesthetic.

Recovery is rapid

Sclerotherapy is an outpatient procedure with a fast recovery rate. People that undergo several treatment sessions also recover easily. The procedure can even be done in the doctor’s office and patients can leave the clinic once each treatment is over. They are able to engage in regular daily activities after the treatment.Whereas, patients are expected to stay in the hospital for some time if they opt for surgical treatments.

They are cost effective

Laser treatment are unarguably very expensive. On the other hand, the cost of undergoing non-laser treatments is affordable even if it isn’t covered by an insurance company.

Minimal preparation is required

Sclerotherapy doesn’t require lots of preparation. Professionals that carry out sclerotherapy regularly offer advice to patients before and after the procedure.Patients are advised against shaving their legs or applying lotion to the affected areas 24hrs before the appointment. There is absolutely nothing to be worried about once you’ve scheduled your appointment. The best thing is to ask questions if anything is unclear in order to be on the safer side.