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Lose Body Fat With Whey Protein

As well natural genetics; sleep, nutrition, stress and effective fitness training can all play a key role in how an individual looks and feels. Unfortunately, even motivated individuals who get plenty of sleep, eat the right foods, live a stress-free lifestyle and carry out varied training program-mes can still find it hard to get rid of stubborn body fat. Although this may sound like a time for despair, it is actually a perfect time to start taking advantage of whey protein supplements.

Whey proteins are milk proteins that are the liquid by-products of cheese production processes. As bodybuilding supplements, they are available in three main forms:


Concentrates contain between 29% – 89% protein along with a small percentage of lactose, depending on the specific product. Concentrates typically have more bio-active compounds.


Isolates contain 90% or more of protein and minimal amounts of fat, cholesterol and lactose.


Hydrolysates contain the most protein as they are produced to be pre-digested and partially broken. Hydrolysates are often used in clinical nutrition applications because they are very easy to absorb.

In addition, whey proteins also contain more branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and more leucine than any other source of protein.

Quite simply, any bodybuilder that wants to shed body fat, as well as stimulate muscle growth, really should incorporate whey proteins into their routine.