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Is Garcinia Safe While Pregnant?

Many pregnant women often wonder whether it is safe or not to use Garcinia Cambogia while pregnant. The answer to this question lies in the facts as follows. First, consider what Garcinia Cambogia does to the body in order to boost weigh loss. Blocking the appetite to discourage over-eating is what Garcinia will do to the body. During pregnancy, conditions like morning sickness especially in the first trimester will already see women loose their appetite. Adding Garcinia to the mix can only make the problem worse. Not getting enough food can deprive the growing baby of vital nutrients needed for proper development. In this regard, loosing appetite during pregnancy because of the supplement will not be appropriate.

Garcinia Cambogia will block fat from being formed in the body so as to prevent weight gain. While pregnant, fats are vital because they assist in the development of the brain and eyes; among others. Blocking the formation of fat will again work against the interest of the baby. In this regard, using the supplement will not be advised for this reason. Garcinia also works by delaying the absorption of food in the intestines. While pregnant, delaying the absorption can cause starvation to the fetus which is not good for proper growth.

From the factors above, doctors advise pregnant women to stay away from Garcinia at least until they have delivered. It is critical to note that Garcinia in itself is not a threat to the growing fetus; rather it is the effect of the supplement that makes it unsuitable during pregnancy. Having said this, women do not have to add too much weight during pregnancy; there are other alternatives that doctors can recommend to women to keep individual weight in check. These alternatives will not pose any threat to the unborn baby. Consulting a health care provider for a tailored solution is the key in this regard.

Just remember, there is no substitute for good dieting and exercise. Not only will this help you as a mother to keep of the unwanted fats and stay in shape but it will also help your unborn child to get adequate nutrients that is passed on through the placenta. Keeping this in mind is the safest way to go. If you find that this method is slow for you, you’ll have to wait until you have your child and surpasses the lactating period before considering any form of supplements.