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Icariin Reviews

Icariin users shared their reviews along with the discussion of this supplement regarding sexual wellness in males, about libido and body building. Icariin is the flavonoid obtained from the plant epimedium genus. These plants are called in different names like horny goat weed, barrenwort and yin yang huo. These plants are used as natural herbal medicines to treat erectile dysfunction and promote general health in males from many centuries.

According to the usage by traditional people as medicine, icarrin and epimedium extracts are currently used to treat many disorders. Although there are many benefits regarding this product, clinical research is yet to be made.

There is major unreliable evidences are obtained from the users of icariin and came with reviews like- it is effective sexual enhancer, increases athletic performance, cures erectile dysfunction and aphrodisiac qualities. In any case, it is proved that Icariin is a plant flavonoid.

Reviews on icariin

Icariin is a type of flavonoid obtained from epimedium plants. Icarrin helps body to deal with stress and thus called as adaptogen. Adaptogen supplements are widely used to reduce stress and reverse aging process. Some characteristics of icariin also protect neurological functions.

According to clinical data, icariin supplements prove useful on patients with osteoporosis, erectile dysfunction, coronary artery disease and so on; icariin supplements are cardio protective, antioxidant, and protect liver.

These icariin supplements are well tolerated when used in suggested dosages. Side effects are very minimal like gastro intestinal upset might crop up. Serious side effects get noticed if those supplements are used for very long time with higher doses.

Reviews of icariin on erectile dysfunction

One of the main important usages of this supplement is to treat erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, premature ejaculation and impotence. PDE5 inhibitors are similar to icariin, treats erectile dysfunction. Icariin supplements are available in the form of PDE5 in the market. PDE5 prevents excessive blood flow to private organs which cause erectile dysfunction. But inhibitors of PDE5 help men achieve reactions.

Testosterone levels and Icariin

Apart from treating erectile dysfunction, these icariin supplements are popular with body builders since it provides more energy and stamina required in work out. Icariin supplements are also used to promote growth of muscles according to reviews of some users. But, some times higher testosterone levels are noticed in some cases.

Supplements of icariin like horny goat weed are used from ages to treat sexual dysfunction and few of the scientific reviews on icariin indicate that testosterone levels in males are increased but no changes noticed in females. Icaritin and dimethylicaritin are the two substances which activate estrogen level in women.

Side effects of icariin