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How To Get The Sleep You Need

If you feel you are not getting the sleep you need, try these tips for better sleep. You’ll also want to journey out to the local best health food store to collect your vitamins and health food. Being healthy is imperative to a healthy night’s rest.Then go visit your doctor to ensure you don’t have a medical problem preventing you from sleeping. If you are taking medications, ask your doctor if they could be interfering with your sleep. Once you know that it is not a medical problem, you can work on the other tips in this article to improve your sleep.

Dr. Roberts in Fort Myers, FL recommends controlling your use of caffeine, alcohol and big meals in the evening in addition to limiting your caffeine consumption in the morning as it takes your body several hours to eliminate it from your system. Alcohol is both a depressant and a stimulant, so make sure you don’t drink in the evening before bed. Avoid having a large meal close to bedtime and aim for a lighter meal during dinner. A large meal before bed will cause your body temperature to rise which interferes with sleep. The best health food products that you can include in your diet will keep your system running regular as well.

Establish a routine for bedtime, just like you would do to help your kids sleep. A regular time to go to bed and a regular time to get up. Apply a consistent routine, whatever works for you. Put on your pajamas, turn back the covers, set your alarm clock, turn the heat down, and put your slippers under the bed. By having a routine, your body will get used to following the routine and it will know it is time to sleep. Also, use your bedroom only for sleeping and sex — no TV, no computer, no telephone. Your bedroom is for sleeping, and your body will know when you go there it is time to sleep.

If you tend to worry about things and lie awake thinking about them, try a “worry list”. Have a pad of paper and a pencil on your nightstand. If you wake up worried about something, just write it down and promise yourself you will figure it out in the morning. That way, you will know you won’t forget about it, and you should be able to relax and not worry so much. Don’t forget to make sure your room is cool, dark and quiet. Turn the heat down at night, don’t use an electric blanket and don’t eat before bed. All these things tend to raise your body temperature. Your body needs to cool down to sleep. Open the window and let in the cold air if you have to!