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How A Personal Trainer Helps

The whole idea of a personal trainer standing by your side,, watching you lift weights, bend your body to his instructions or tell you how you should move those dumbbells, is something that people equate with the rich and famous. I mean, how many people can really afford to pay for a specialist to stand by their side every day and instruct them to drink their orange juice on time or pop that pill when the clock strikes 2 pm? That’s going to burn rather a large hole in your wallet.

But here’s the good news. Now you won’t have to spend a bundle on getting yourself into shape. And the benefits that accrue from having a personal trainer will outweigh the guilt you may feel at shelling out money to a stranger.

Here’s four ways how having a personal trainer can aid you:

1. Know your routine from Day 1:

If you start visiting the gym with the goal to lose weight in a few days’ time, it’s highly unlikely that you will see results that soon. That’s because you go to the gym, watch others do a few rounds on the treadmill, lift a few weights, cycle around on the stationary bike and think to yourself: Well, this doesn’t look too hard. And you start doing all of that, not in any particular order or in a sustained manner and then get frustrated when the weighing scales don’t show any difference in your BMI (Body Mass Index).

A trainer, on the other hand, will study your bodily metabolism rate for the first day, how you react to different types of exercise and chalk out a regimen suited to your body type. Then, he/she walks you through the benefits of each routine and explains how it will impact your body. And, wonder of wonders, you start seeing results within a week of starting your new routine.

2. Persist and Persevere:

Have you seen how quickly you tire of going to the gym? You start coming up with excuses to get out of it, every single day. But having a trainer builds a sense of commitment; much like having a buddy to workout with ensures that you never miss a day of working out. You know that your trainer will be there, bright and early, waiting for you. So, by not going, you are backing out on an unwritten commitment to another person. That, alone, is motivation enough for you to persist and persevere on the fitness goal.

3. Reduced time, increased output:

Most often, we work out for an hour or more, in the blind belief that the more you sweat, the more calories you burn. While this isn’t untrue, a random series of sweat-enhancing exercises may not be most suited for someone of your specific body type. A trainer will mix and match the best workout for you, which incorporates cardio, fat burn and muscle toning exercises. These will also ensure that you workout in a controlled fashion, for a shorter period of time with better results, spread out over the long run.

4. Spice it up:

You’ve heard the old saying, ‘Variety is the spice of life’. The same applies to having a personal trainer. Once you get comfortable in a particular routine and your trainer understands your limits, he/she will develop newer sets of workout routines that will enhance your body effectively. Then, depending on what goal you aim for- a curvy body, an athletic build, a fabulous figure or just a healthier you- she/he will tailor newer exercises to see you through to that goal.

At the end of the day, the choice lies with you. How serious are you to get back into shape after having a baby? Or how important is overall health and fitness once you hit middle age? Is it worthwhile investing in a trainer? If the article above is any indication, there’s every likelihood that you’re picking up the directory right now and looking for a certified trainer in your neighborhood. Happy exercising!

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