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Home Remedies For Shock Treatment

Emotional shock is a severe mental condition that can happen after a disturbing or traumatic event. Even though sometimes it needs medical care, it is distinct from medical or clinical shock that‘s following a severe injury or illness and always needs urgent care. Natural home remedies can be applied to moderate or mild emotional shock.

Causes for shock

Emotional shock conditions may happen after receiving the shocking news or after a physical attack. The shock may be very strong enough to affect the nerves which regulate the blood pressure, leading to dimming.

Clinical shock is another shock possibly a serious physical reaction to harm or another medical crisis. It follows a sudden blood pressure and loss of blood flow, leading to a fall in the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain and other important organs. If it is untreated, it can affect these organs and can be incurable.

The major clinical shock causes are heart attack, burns, serious accidents, severe allergic reactions simply called as anaphylactic shock , low blood sugar, acute pain, external or internal bleeding. If you identify this kind of shock, search medical help instantly, after any kind of shock is possible to experience a constellation of symptoms called as the post traumatic stress disorder. This can include reducing the moments of depression, sleep disturbance, trauma and relationship problems.

Symptoms of clinical shock include

Treatments for shock treatment

The below treatments should be used only in the case of emotional shock which does not need any emergency help



Massage your face, arms, and legs. Consume a massaging oil of 1 drop of necessary lavender oil, 2 drop of geranium oil and 3 drop of lemon oil and 2 table spoons of jojoba or sweet almond oil.