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High Grade Dental Treatments In Bracknell

A wide range of dental treatments ranging from normal teeth extraction and fillings to specialised dental procedures and cosmetic solutions are available in Bracknell. There is no dearth of high quality dental clinics run by experienced dentists. Affordable dental plans with many discount offers are available for patients in Bracknell. The dental clinics are usually open for five days a week from Monday to Friday although many dental clinics also offer appointments on Saturdays. The dentists in Bracknell offer the following treatments.


Fillings are required when the tooth is affected by decay caused by caries or any other disease. Broken and malformed teeth also require filling. The dentists in Bracknell offer filling materials made of composite resin. These are tooth coloured fillings which unlike silver fillings are not conspicuous and appear to be a part of the tooth. Apart from, white fillings all other kinds of filling materials are also available with the dentists.


Teeth extraction is a simple procedure offered in all the dental clinics in Bracknell. The dentists suggest the best methods for dental extraction depending upon the conditions of the patients. Wisdom teeth extraction is also offered in Bracknell. This is a complex procedure because the third molar tooth named wisdom tooth is close to the nerves in the jaw. The dentists are well equipped to carry out this procedure. Emergency tooth extractions are also available in Bracknell.

Root canal treatment

The specialist dentists in Bracknell who are qualified in endodontics offer root canal treatment for the patients. Root canal treatment is used to treat infected pulp tissue in order to save the tooth. Infection from the pulp can spread to the root canal and the adjoining tissues leading to severe pain and tenderness of the involved tooth.

Root canal treatment includes the removal of the infected pulp and sealing of the root canal with a filling material.  The tooth is temporarily filled which is later replaced with a permanent filling.

Orthodontic treatment

A plethora of orthodontic abnormalities such as malocclusion, crossbite, crowding, etc. are treated by specialist orthodontists in Bracknell. Orthodontic treatments restore the normal functions of the teeth and improve appearance. A variety of orthodontic appliances are also available with the dentists. Teeth straightening procedures are also offered by the orthodontists.

Cosmetic dental treatments are popular among people to improve their appearance. The dental clinics in Bracknell offer the following treatments.

Dental implants

Dental implants are artificial roots made up of titanium. Dental implant is implanted into the jaw bone. After about 3-6 months it integrates with the jaw bone by a procedure called osseointegration. An artificial crown can now be fixed over the root to replace a missing tooth. This process has become a popular alternative to dentures and bridges. Implant surgery is a minor operation done under local anesthesia.

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening lightens the natural shade of the tooth. Professional bleaching is used for tooth whitening. Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is used for tooth whitening.

Many other kinds of dental treatments are offered by various dental clinics in Bracknell apart from the above mentioned ones. Painless treatment enabled by latest technology is the hallmark of dental clinics in Bracknell.