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Health Benefits Of Krill Oil

Known as Okiami in Japan, krill oil has been unknown before it emerged as a growing source of omega-3 fatty acids overshadowing the benefits of the widely known fish oil. Krill is a family of shrimp that can render omega-3 fatty acids.

Though it took time, studies today has given proofs over the far higher quality of krill oil compared to fish oil due to astaxanthin and the phospholipids. The astaxanthin protects perishable fats while the phospholipids increase the absorption of the fats.

Krill and Fish Oil Comparison

Several studies have done some comparable investigation over the differences and health benefits of krill oil and fish oil. Among the thousand questions asked, it has been proven that krill oil is far more superior though fish oil itself is rendering some positive health return as well.

One noticeable difference though between the two is the price. Krill oil is pricier than fish oil. But then it goes to show that it’s more of a value. Since krill harvesting is far more eco friendly and environmentally sustainable, many are veering towards the oil more than any other plant and animal sources.

So as the importance of omega-3 fatty acids has been highlighted in our nutritional intakes, many people has searched for best possible ways to have better and better ways to supply it. So krill oil came.

Potential Benefits of Krill Oil

  1. Easier to absorb. Since krill oil has a different biochemical component and form than fish oil, it tends to be easier and faster to absorb by the humans system compared to fish oil. Since its fatty acids are stored as phospholipids, the krill oil can be digested easily because of its simpler form.

  2. Acts as Potent Antioxidant. Krill oil has the astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant that can protect cells from damage. Anti oxidants combat those free radicals that can create havoc among your healthy cells causing aging, diseases among others.

  3. Improve heart health. Since omega 3 can help in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, it is believed to be very beneficial for the heart.

  4. Ease PMS. Since PMS symptoms can sometimes be too much for women, krill oil has been found out to be a remedy. The oil supplements have eased painful periods and even emotional upheavals during the cycle.

  5. Lessen arthritis pain. Since krill oil and omega-3 are natural anti-inflammatory, it can reduce arthritis pain and inflammation.

  6. Boost brain. Low level of mega-3 in your system can cause cognitive decline in later years. A regular intake of omega-3 can help in preventing dementia. Due to krill oil’s brain boosting capability, it was been tapped for kids supplements to aid in brain development and in learning process.

  7. Reduce skin cancer risk. Since the intake of krill oil can improve skin texture and reduce wrinkles, it has been also tapped as a way in reducing psoriasis, and help in nails and hair health.

  8. Ease depression symptoms. Krill oil and omega-3 have been known to have some anti-depressant effects and can ease mood swings.

Krill Oil Quick Facts

  1. Krill is 48 times more potent than fish oil as published in the journal Lipids back in 2011.

  2. Fish oil is subject to oxidation and is perishable; krill however is rich in antioxidant and is resistant to oxidation.

  3. Krill oil is bioavailable.

  4. Krill oil is sustainable; it has the largest biomass in the world.

Several studies have already proven krill oil’s benefits. Since it can improve your overall health, it would be better to have it in your system and avail its remuneration. But of course consult first with your doctor; it may not be that compatible with your other medications.