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Get Round And Big Butts Naturally In Just 30 Days; Know It How?

Many women like to have curvy buttocks like Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara. It takes a great deal of hard work to get the tight curves. The right eating habit, the right lifestyle, and the right exercise can help you achieve a round and big butts in just 30 days.

To get bigger buttocks, you have to work on both hip muscles and hip fat. The more you work on the hip muscles, the more you build up these muscles and give your buttock a toned look. To get bigger and firmer buttocks take care of the fat layer above muscles.

Here are given four tips that can help in natural butt enhancement.


There are three types of hip muscles: gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, and gluteus minimus. By working out these three muscles, you can strengthen your butt and make it look big. Glute bridges are a good exercise to warm up your buttock muscles. Single leg bridges will help to tone your hip muscles.

Kneeling kickback must be performed daily for 10 minutes because the exercise works out on gluteus maximus. You may also try the lung exercise to tone your butts. Leg lift exercise can lower your abdomen muscles.

Running, biking and yoga

Running is good for overall health but make sure don’t overdo it. You may run and walk at intervals. Step aerobics is a simple exercise that can be performed at home. You can dance to your favorite music and do the exercise 15 to 20 minutes to tone your buttock muscles.

Biking can tone the muscles of your thigh, hips, and calves. Performing yoga daily is a healthy option to tone your butts. Whenever possible try to climb the steps, they are good for your thighs and abs.

Eat the right food

Addition to the exercise, you need a proper diet. You should focus eating more protein to build fat above the buttock muscles. A proper diet with the effect of exercise will help you get round butts quickly. Some good proteins you should have daily are fish, meat, skimmed milk, egg, legumes and low-fat yogurt.

It is very important to consume a few carbs so that you may include sweet potatoes, brown rice, wheat bread, apples, potato and barley in your diet. Vitamins and minerals are essential for the proper functioning of our body. So eat a lot of veggies, nuts, pulses, and fruits.

Use butt enhancement pad

An effective way to make your buttocks look bigger than ever is through using butt enhancement pads. They are designed specifically to boost the appearance of your buttocks. Thinning your waistline will also make your butt look big. For this, you may wear a tummy tucker. You may change the way you walk. This could make your butt look firmer and bigger.

Although these procedures are available, if you want to get a quick result, the surgical procedure is there to get bigger buttock faster. Exercising and following a proper diet will provide you lasting result.