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Fitness Is My Birth Right

You must have heard lot of mind and body relation, about the balance and harmony between your thoughts and actions. Well all this is discussed over and over again because time and again we are coming closer to the fact that healthy mental attitude is the prerequisite for the healthy body. This is the reason why there is such an upsurge of meditative techniques, relaxation and therapies that are becoming part of our everyday life.

We are certainly living in extremely stressful, competitive and noisy time that is depriving us from good sleeps, quality time with family members and enjoyment. Our life style is, in fact dragging us to the endless struggle of chasing money and stability and security. Then, suddenly everything starts becoming a mirage, a mere illusion. It may sound bitter or difficult to digest but yes you are just witnessing the hard truth.

Then question arises what went wrong? why we are continuously rushing? Why we are suffering so much? Why there is endless fear of diseases? Well answer to all this can melt down to the fact that it is “our choices”, “our doings”. So it is time to unwind and make a mantra for life that you are responsible for your actions, health and well being. Of course, maintaining your happiness is your prominent duty. You need to take the control over your life style and make the necessary changing.

If you are ready the whole world is ready to open the door for you, the nature is there to welcome you to take a morning walk on the dewy grass. There are mountains calling for the trekking trips that not only give your body a boost but revitalise you in your spirits. Try to behold the adventure and fun activities that you can take part in as physical work out. There is no need to struggle in some boring exercise routines. You need to look out for the creative ways to remain healthy and the list is endless if you are game for it.

You can include jumping, dancing, skating, jogging, skipping, swimming or even diving as the colorful list that ensures that you stay committed to your health.In addition to this, you need to be bit gracious for your diet you need to take care of the good things that enter your tummy. Add more fruits, salads, nuts and interesting healthy items to add twist to your diet.

But in that last, what contributes the most to maintain a healthy body and reducing disease is your cheerfulness, optimism and healthy mind that guides you, motivates you and inspires you to seek the best of you. You certainly deserve to be healthy and the only person that is holding you back from not becoming that is “you” only. You might be surprised but it is reality chick. Be your own best friend and be grateful more relax more and savor the gifts of life but that does not mean that you forget your responsibilities towards yourself and your body.