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Effects Of Weather Change On Hair

Hair is important for physical appearance and can boost self-confidence, but climate change can ruin a perfect hair day. Climate change can account for unexpected or unsavory hair styling issues. Different climate causes different effects and modifications on the hair depending on the seasons, moisture, heat and other factors. Weather change is the reason today a well-styled hair looks perfect but suddenly in the same style and setting, on a different day or season, it becomes a disaster. An online consultation regarding your hair will help you understand your hair better.

Wind effects on hair

During a windy day, the wind causes tangles and knots in loose, curly and wavy long hair. Also, the wind blows and causes muss on hair that is perfectly styled and ruins its style. The Wind increases the evaporation rate of hair moisture making it brittle and dry.  “The same way wind can help dry your laundry, so too can it take the moisture from your hair.” Says Daniel Mullette, In addition, if the hair is repeatedly exposed to gusting and strong winds, it develops splits at the ends of the hair. This will increase hair fall and may even cause your scalp to go bald. In case you are looking for good options for hair transplant cost in Pune then Clinicspots is the right place for you.

Heat effects on hair

Direct sun heat is extremely harmful to the health of hair. Sun heat has a similar effect with blow-drying machines and has excess heat which breaks the hair. Exposure to direct UV radiations damages the colour of the hair and its molecular structure making it unable to hold its moisture, leaving the hair dry, stripped off its colour and damaged.  Dry hair leads to dandruff which brings discomforts. Heat usually breaks the hair side bonds, and that is why stylist used machines such us blow-dry and flat-iron to break and style the hair, so when the hair is exposed to direct sun heat the physical side bonds break again ruining the hair style and mostly returns it to it normal state.

Humid weather effects on hair

Dry hair on a humid day absorbs and attracts water vapor from the air which causes breaking down of the structure of hair molecules. Moisture absorbed from water vapor causes the hair strands to be extremely heavy and these results to loss of hair shape and volume. The loss of volume and shape causes the hair to lift on its cuticle layer. Cold weather has a negative impact to the hair it causes thinning hair and at times hair loss in patches. Dry scalps that are caused by cold weather lead to fragile and brittle hair. Normal and healthy hair retains 15% of natural water but on a humid day, the hair may absorb up to 30% of water vapor.

Rain effects on hair

Rain is the worst number one enemy of the hair, a few drops of rainwater instantly turns a hair style or a blowout into a fuzzy and unruly mess and causes havoc on curly hair. The hair structure comprises of two bonds; each fiber contains keratin proteins which are into two forms, disulphide bond and hydrogen bonds. Increased water in the hair increases theses bonds which result in hair fibers becoming frizzier and curlier.

The environmental changes either in summer or winter have damaging effects on the hair especially during winter since people do not take precautions. To some extent, it is believed that bad weather can cause hair loss. There is always ways to protecting hair from being damaged by bad weather any season.

Prevent your hair from bad weather

There are a few ways to protect your hair from being damaged by bad weather, for example, if the hair is rained on while drying it do not rub it that causes frizz and also rubbing causes ruffles to the surfaces of the tiny strands. While it is wet apply natural oil that is more of fluid texture and comb the hair. The oil builds a thin coating that is resistant and protects the hair from water effects. Blow dry the top of the hair while hold it with one hand so that it doesn’t fly around and get frizzier if the hair is long. After drying the hair, apply some dry oil that is not greasy so as to create a barrier that weather effects cannot penetrate.

On a windy day apply conditioner to the hair to prevent it from drying and damaging effects of the wind. Also, hair sprays can save the hair but look out at the alcohol content in the spray that at times can dry the hair even more. Apply some amount of shine serum it will help shine your hair, seal the cuticle layers and smoothen the hair. After styling the hair do not step out immediately give the hair a few minutes to hold on to the style and seal the cuticles, let it dry and allow the oil products applied settle. Hands contain sweat that can frizz the hair too so avoid touching your hair and it’s also advisable to bring a comb just in case the hair tangles. Stay stylish in all seasons.