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Why Are Dental Check-Ups Important For Oral Health?

A dental check-up every six months is important because it ensures healthy teeth and gums.  Dental visits include check-up and the cleaning or oral prophylaxis, detection of cavities, checking for plaque and tartar on your teeth, checking of your gums, examination of your tongue, throat face head, and neck.

These check-ups will detect any sign of trouble like redness, swelling or cancer or scaling to remove the tartar and flossing.In addition to your oral health, regular dental check-ups ensure a beautiful smile. The following are the six reasons why you need regular dental check-ups.

  1. Detection f Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer can be detected at its early onset and can be treated easily.  You may not notice oral abnormalities, but a dentist can diagnose it by conducting a VELscope. This examination is non-evasive and is pain-free and is covered by MSP in certain cases. The examination identifies the signs of invisible signs of dead tissues caused by tumors.

  1. Detection of Cavities, Plaque, and Tartars

Daily brushing and flossing can miss some small areas in your mouth.If plaque is built, it solidifies and turns to tartar which needs professional help for removal.Regular dental cleaning will prevent erosion of teeth and formation of holes, leading to cavities. It needs filling and more money as fees to your local dentist.

  1. Gum Diseases

The formation of tartar may cause infection of your gum. This infection is known as ‘gingivitis.’ As a result, the tissues holding the gum to your teeth can break down. At this point, you may experience bleeding, swelling and soreness in your mouth. Gum disease may lead to thebreakdown of bones that hold the teeth in place.

  1. Checks Bad Habits

You will be restrained from resorting to certain bad habits such as biting your nails, chewing ice clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth, drinking red wine and coffee, smoking, tobacco chewing and eating sticky or hard sweets. When you go for regular dental checkups to your family dental clinic can identify these problem-creating habits.

  1. Identification of Problems by X-Rays

When you go to Vancouver dentist, your teeth and jaw bones are X-rayed, and any dental problem brewing beneath the surface can be identified. Such problems are invisible to the naked eyes and may include impacted teeth or growing teeth that are blocked from pushing through the gum. The destructive diseases show no symptoms but progress quickly.

  1. Checking Neck, Head and Lymph Node

Your dentist checks your mouth gums and tongue for signs of oral cancer. Any swelling or other abnormalities may be the sign of a major health problem.  Your dentist will refer you the specialist medical professional. Swollen lymph nodes do not show any abnormalities, but a dentist could identify an impending issue. Thus, any serious problems can be identified and remedied before they pose any serious problem.

The key benefits of regular dental check-ups can be summed up as Comfort, Safety, Teeth Whitening, Veneers, Sedation, Cosmetic Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, and Wisdom Tooth Extractionand Invisalign.