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Cycling Gloves – Making The Right Choice

Cycling is an excellent lower body exercise, but many riders don’t realize that it can also be very strenuous on the hands. A rider’s hands are frequently gripping the handlebars and supporting their weight. Serious riders should invest in some cycling gloves from Tweeks Cycles to avoid damaging their hands. Here are some tips for selecting the most appropriate cycling gloves.

Sweat from the arms can make a rider’s hand slippery and prevent them from gripping their handlebars effectively. Good cycle gloves should have an absorbent material on the back of the hand. This will absorb sweat before it reaches the hands.

Gripping onto handlebars for extended periods can cause blisters to develop on the hands. Cycling gloves with padding on the palms and fingers should prevent this.

Riders should look for gloves that have a non-slip material on the palms of the hands. This will help them keep a firm grip on the handlebars, which is essential over bumpy, uneven terrain. Gloves with leather palms will also help to prevent injury to the hands should the rider fall.

Cycling gloves come in both finger less and full-fingered versions. Finger less gloves will over riders more dexterity, but full-fingered gloves will keep them warmer in winter and offer more grip. The choice is down to the rider’s personal preference.

Cycle gloves should fit the hand snugly but still allow for a full range of movement. Gloves that are too large can cause blisters and cause hands to slip off the handlebars.