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Acupuncture V/s. Massage Therapy! What Would You Prefer?

Acupuncture and massage therapy can both reduce the pain around the body. But specific treatment is required for different types of pain. Many patients get confused whether to choose acupuncture treatment or stick on to massage therapy. First, you should know what both the treatment is and how effectively they can reduce pain for each body parts.


Acupuncture is relieving pain and nausea by penetrating the skin at the acupressure points using needles. This can stimulate a certain part of the body. It is a traditional Chinese treatment and one of the oldest healing practices followed by people today. It regulates the flow of energy through the body which is known as “chi.” When chi doesn’t flow correctly, it is thought the cause is a pain. The process of acupuncture includes releasing energy from 350 different acupressure points to heal the pain.

If your pain is dull and achy or sharp, the reason could be the involvement of nerves in your pain. If the pain is dull, it is likely to be muscular, and if the pain is pricking, it is due nerves involved. Acupuncture is a good treatment to reduce pain related to nerves. The acupuncture needle is not inserted into the nerves rather bringing fresh blood flow around nerves for healing.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage is kneading of muscles and connective tissues to relieve pain and helps in healing process. Massage can heal injuries and helps to manage mental health. Massage is used to reduce inflammation in muscle and joints. You will find massage therapy in the spa, rehabilitation center, and medical centers. Even 30 minutes of massage can reduce stress and your heart rate.

Some organs that can benefit from massage therapy are skin, joints, ligament, tendons and lymphatic vessels. Hand, feet, knees, fingers, and forearms can be massage to get relieved from pain. Massage is a great choice for a chronic painful condition with achy pain.

Difference between Massage and Acupuncture

Both massage and acupuncture is the natural path of treatment but vary in their techniques. Acupuncture is performed by placing small needles into the problem area from which patient will feel minor pressure. The needle will remain on the skin surface for 20 minutes, and then they are removed.

It relieves pain and tension from a specific part of the body. It offers a different relieve than a message. They can heal the nerves that are damaged. Acupuncture is a good treatment to relieve side effects of chemotherapy. They can be used to treat a tension, headache, migraine and post-operation dental pain.

Massage therapy is used to treat pain caused due to muscular injuries. They relax muscles, and they are great to treat people with tight muscles causing pain around neck and shoulder. They are good to relax, stimulate and tone your body.

Both are great treatments and both help relieve pain from the body. Both of them have the power to heal. But choose a treatment which is best for your needs.